Loans without verification transfer


Offers loans up to PLN 15,000, with a maximum repayment period of up to 3 years. Money is posted to the customer’s account even within 15 minutes of submitting the loan application. This loan is convenient and secure, it is a loan without BIK granted online. The APRC for a representative example is 78.6%. Instant verification method.

Why is the verification transfer so important?

You may have already heard of various fraud attempts against bank customers. Sometimes a lost ID card is enough for a smart thief to be able to take out a loan or credit. Of course, this requires a lot of knowledge and skills, but it is not completely impossible. One of the best ways to protect yourself against such cases is to ensure the security and confidentiality of your personal and identification data, such as your PESEL number or ID card series and number. Also, when applying for cash loans over the internet, it is necessary to accurately confirm the applicant’s identity, so that there is no doubt that he is applying for the loan and there is no attempt to extort money.

One of the most commonly used mechanisms for confirming your identity is to make a small verification transfer. Such a transfer usually has a value from one penny to a maximum of one zloty. It is performed in a traditional way by logging into the online banking system. By clicking the transfer order, complete the form with the appropriate information. The most important of these is to provide the correct account number that our money will receive. This number will be provided in the confirmation of submitting the loan application without verification transfer. In order not to make a mistake, the loan company’s invoice number is most convenient to copy. To do it correctly, select the entire string of numbers with the mouse, and then press CTRL and C simultaneously or by right-clicking the mouse, select COPY from the menu.

Then, paste the number into the transfer form, in the box marked with the signature the account number. For security against malware, bank accounts may require you to manually enter the first two digits of your account number. You should remember them or write them on a piece of paper. The next fields to fill in are the name of the transfer recipient and his address. Here you should also enter the data that was provided to us in the confirmation of submission of the application. The difference, however, is that even if we make a mistake in these fields, the transfer will still be sent correctly.

The most important information identifying the recipient of the transfer is his bank account. If there are any mistakes in the other fields or the details are entered accidentally, the transfer will also be sent to the recipient. However, for obtaining a transfer, one more field is important. And it is the title of the transfer. Here again, the accuracy and entering only the data that the loan company asks us for is important. They are because they accept the loan agreement and, unless they say otherwise, the loan cannot be granted for formal reasons.

To obtain it, you will have to submit the application again and go through the procedure again.

What is the title of the transfer?

It may have a slightly different form in every loan company, but it will usually look like “they accept loan agreement 123456”. The loan number can be your PESEL number or another number assigned by the company. Only if the verification transfer reaches the company will it be able to proceed with the loan payment procedure.

What if they can’t make a verification transfer?

There are many situations when we cannot make a transfer confirming our identity. Does this, however, mean that cash loans are not available to us? Of course not. All you have to do is reach for a unique novelty on the market, i.e. loans without a verification transfer. How can a loan company ensure that nobody is impersonating our identity in such a case? Completely different methods of verifying personal data come here. Some of them are special websites that, having received a scan of their ID card or during a visit to their stationary facilities, have the ability to reliably verify data compliance.

More and more loan companies offering loans without verification transfer are cooperating with various types of institutions where the identity can be checked and confirmed. Some of them include, among others, post office or loan companies with stationary branches in which individual clients are served. Another reason why loans without a verification transfer are very popular is the lack of access to an account with online support. Despite the fact that today all banks allow their clients to manage their bank account via a web browser, however, not every customer can use it. Why?

For example, because he did not activate this function in the bank. There are also many people who simply feel the fear of managing money over the internet, they remain faithful only to bank service. This is not surprising if we recall how great a threat various types of Internet viruses can be, attacking computers of both less experienced Internet users as well as those who know a lot about things. Also the inability to connect to the internet – for example, because someone does not have a permanent connection at home, may discourage you from making a verification transfer. Were it not for the loans without a verification transfer, such persons would be almost entirely deprived of the benefits of quick money borrowing.

What are the maximum loans without a verification transfer?


What amount of money borrowed can you count on when choosing online loans without verification by bank transfer? You may be surprised, but the exact amount of the loan is available to you, as in the case of offers with traditional transfer verification. This is very good news, because you will not have to feel injured by the fact that for some reasons you do not support Internet systems. Usually such a loan will be in the range from 500 to even 3,000 PLN for a new customer.

What determines the credit decision and the loan value finally granted?


Among other things, from what information about your earnings you declared in the loan application. For example, if your earnings are not high and a large portion of them is spent on repayment, then you will most likely be granted a loan at the lower limit. However, if you have high earnings and after deducting all fees, you still have a fair amount of money, you should not have problems with the loan without verification transfer amounting to the highest amount. What will you be able to do with the money received? This decision is yours alone.

Customers of loan companies that grant loans without a verification transfer usually have clearly defined goals for spending the money received. By far the largest number of people allocates the cash obtained in this way for consumption purposes. Organizing family and occasional celebrations that could cost a small fortune. These certainly include the first holy communions to which children join. The device for such a party can cost up to several thousand zlotys. Without our own savings that can be used for such a purpose, we can do nothing but take a loan. Thanks to the fact that the loan without verification transfers is so easily available, anyone can use it. Also, the occasion of Christmas may encourage you to take advantage of quick and convenient loans without a verification transfer.

How do you pay back loans without a verification transfer?

This type of loan can be granted for a period of up to 30 days. After this date, you must pay it back. We will know the height at the very beginning, when applying for it. The total sum to repay the loan consists of the capital part, increased by interest calculated according to the interest rate. If for some reason you cannot pay your debt on time, remember not to run away from the problem, hoping that someone will forget about it. Certainly nothing like this happens. All loans without a verification transfer are monitored by the banking system, which controls the repayment date as well as the debt balance.

This means that from the first day of arrears, penalty interest will be charged. The longer your loan is defaulted, the higher the penalty interest will be. This means that your debt can increase significantly in the short term, exposing you to expenses that you did not plan. However, this can be avoided by voluntarily and independently extending the loan repayment period for the next time. Customers of loan companies have the option of extending the loan repayment time by 7, 14, 21 and 28 days. In many companies the possibility of extending the repayment is only one-time, which is why a large number of people decide to use the latter option.

With it, the loan can be extended for repayment by another almost a month. Of course, it should be added that using this option involves additional fees. The extension costs are described in detail in the fees and commissions table. Usually, we will also have to pay this fee in cash and directly to the indicated account. After all, this solution is highly recommended for all people who for some reason cannot pay their liabilities on time. By taking this step you avoid the situation that we will be perceived by the loan company as a debtor. This could mean that in the future our application for the next loan will be refused.