Payday loans or borrowings


It often happens that people take payday loans and fall into a spiral of debt. How to pay them back? We can rethink the offers that various institutions offer us: consolidation or taking out a loan or credit for repayment of liabilities.

Sometimes payday loans are a good solution. However, it often happens that a person with financial problems does not think soberly enough and blindly seeks help in non-bank companies. Easy money is very tempting and it is not difficult to fall into a spiral of debt. We take the first payday loan, then the next payday, and so on.

We often extend the repayment deadline, which is also associated with costs. In this way we can easily hurt ourselves.

Non-bank loan

Non-bank loan

  • The amount from 1,000 PLN to 10,000 PLN
  • For up to 24 months
  • Attractive interest rate
  • Money on your account in a few days

Advantages of payday loans

Advantages of payday loans

Of course, taking another loan to pay payday loans is not a dream solution, but it has its advantages. The main plus is that we get rid of individual obligations, and in return we get one loan and only one, usually smaller monthly installment. The payback period will be longer, but the monthly cost of paying out payday loans will be reduced, which will reduce our household budget.

The most important thing is to reasonably search for and choose a loan to pay off payday loans. Not the best story in BIK because of payday loans, unfortunately, it is not our ally, so it will be very difficult to get a cash or consolidation loan. Rather, we will not find a bank that would accept it. So what options do we have?

Non-bank loans

  • The amount from PLN 2,000 to PLN 10,000
  • For a period of 12 to 24 months
  • Low loan installment
  • Simple and clear rules

Social networking sites

A loan on a social network – the cheapest solution. Loan through online social networking sites. If you don’t care about time, it’s worth trying and waiting, because with your first loan it is not easy. We need to register and verify our data, and then wait for the right number of people to lend us the money we need.

Therefore, the whole process takes some time and you should be patient.

Self-service loan

Self-service loan

  • The amount from PLN 300 to PLN 20,000
  • Repayment time from 3 to 48 months
  • Fixed and low installments
  • Flexible repayment period

Consolidation loans

Provident consolidation loan – classic consolidation loans offered by banks cannot be used to pay back liabilities such as payday loans. However, Provident comes to the rescue with whom we can apply for a consolidation loan. The maximum amount we can get for repayment of liabilities is PLN 20,000, and the longest repayment period is 60 weeks.

We also have two options: a home loan and a transfer. It is worth considering when choosing, because the latter will be definitely cheaper to pay.

In addition to the above solutions, it is also worth mentioning about the internet non-bank options. Institutions such as Aasa and Ratka can be very helpful to us. An additional plus is settling the matter online – quickly and conveniently. The loans they offer are not high in terms of costs and, importantly, they can be spread over 24 months.

The only obstacle may be the maximum loan amount that can be obtained. This option is a good option for those whose obligations are not very high. Usually, the maximum loan amount that we can expect in institutions of this type is no more than PLN 3,000.