SME Finance Tip: With Entrepreneur Loan!

What is a Intrasavings bank Entrepreneur Loan?

According to Wikipedia, the Intrasavings bank Entrepreneur Loan comes from the Intrasavings bank, the world’s largest national promotional bank, as well as Germany’s third-largest bank by total assets. Intrasavings bank was founded in 1948 on the basis of the law governing the Reconstruction Loan Corporation as a public-law institution. 

The task of Intrasavings bank consists in the realization of public contracts such as the promotion of small and medium-sized enterprises and start-ups, the granting of investment loans to small and medium-sized enterprises as well as the financing of infrastructure projects and housing, the financing of energy saving technologies and municipal infrastructure. Further fields of activity are education loans and film financing.

According to the German Banking Act, Intrasavings bank does not qualify as a bank or financial services institution within the meaning of the German Banking Act. The reason for this is that, as a national public development bank, Intrasavings bank pursues a special business model and a statutory governmental mandate and therefore can not be compared to other credit and financial services institutions in the private, cooperative or public sector sector.

Financial support through the Intrasavings bank Entrepreneur Loan

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), traders and self-employed persons can obtain financial support from the Intrasavings bank.

A basic product of Intrasavings bank is entrepreneurial credit. Thus, the bank supports companies with investment projects with a volume of up to 25 million euros.

Funding institutions such as Intrasavings bank specifically support serious investment projects by SMEs, small companies, tradespeople and the self-employed and have the following advantages over a traditional bank loan:

  • Favorable interest rates from 1.00% APR
  • Possible repayment freedom at startup time
  • Long-term financing periods of up to 20 years
  • Up to 50% indemnity on investment financing
  • Possible combinations with other public funding

What are the prerequisites for the Intrasavings bank Entrepreneur Loan?

Intrasavings bank supports companies in the manufacturing, craft, trade and service sectors if they have been on the market for at least 5 years.

But also freelancers such as lawyers or architects can apply for the Intrasavings bank Entrepreneur Loan. In order to benefit from the support, the potential recipient can not generate more than 500 million euros in sales a year.

Which investments are funded by the Intrasavings bank Entrepreneur Loan?

Which investments are funded by the Intrasavings bank Entrepreneur Loan?

The Intrasavings bank Entrepreneur Loan promotes both tangible and intangible investments. Classic examples are:

  • Purchase of land, buildings, machinery, equipment, vehicles and equipment, consulting services
  • Participation in fairs and exhibitions
  • Warehouse and equipment
  • patents
  • Acquisitions

Subsidies for the self-employed, traders and SMEs

In addition to the Intrasavings bank Entrepreneurship Loan, there is a huge selection of further subsidies: over 1,700 support programs support self-employed persons, traders and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from the state and promotional banks. Whether discounted loans, guarantees, subsidies or equity capital – subsidies have the goal of establishing and expanding a business activity.

Grants are grants from the state or public institutions to support the general public. The financial support of companies and industry in Germany is enshrined in Article 104b of the Basic Law. In addition to the funding of the Federal Republic, funding programs of the EU and the federal states are also available.

Beneficiaries of the Intrasavings bank Entrepreneur Loan or of subsidies, depending on their intended use, can start businesses, the self-employed, the tradesmen, SMEs and large medium-sized companies.

When awarding Intrasavings bank Entrepreneur Loan or subsidies, the so-called transit principle is generally used. In doing so, commercial banks act as mediators in the process of requesting and issuing funding.

How does the transit principle work?

Since development banks do not operate their own branches, companies do not submit their application for funding to the promotional bank, but rather via a commercial bank as a mediator to the promotional banks. The commercial bank is the first to examine the application and forward it if the decision is positive. If the funding is granted, the commercial bank will continue to act as a mediator. Thus, the development bank refinances the corresponding loan project of the commercial bank on favorable terms. This cost advantage will then be granted to the applicant.

As described above, the Intrasavings bank Entrepreneur Loan must generally be requested via a traditional commercial bank as an intermediary with Intrasavings bank. Applicants for the Intrasavings bank Entrepreneur Loan can use the finance portal Inancingent to present their individual financing requirements to a large number of renowned banks and to request funding directly.

Find the Intrasavings bank Entrepreneur Loan or the appropriate subsidy with the Inancingent platform!

At Inancingent, self-employed persons, traders and SMEs receive tailor-made financing offers from well-known banks and savings banks quickly and without obligation. To this end, applicants describe the financing project as a first step. If the information entered matches a funding program deposited with Inancingent or meets the requirements for the Intrasavings bank Entrepreneur Loan, the applicant is made aware of this and can directly access the funding program or the Intrasavings bank Entrepreneur Loan in the offer by the banks and savings banks,

In addition to the Intrasavings bank Entrepreneur Loan and the 1,700 subsidy programs, the applicant with Inancingent benefits from over 220 established banks, savings banks and alternative financial partners, which are available for selection on the Inancingent platform. Traders, companies, self-employed persons and freelancers are provided with an independent and cross-product portal. Cross-product, because in addition to corporate loans, other financial products such as leasing, factoring, mezzanine capital, purchasing and project financing or private debt. or about to be offered for real estate financing.

In addition to the opportunity to benefit from the Intrasavings bank Entrepreneur Loan or from subsidies, through the Inancingent platform, loan seekers can quickly and easily find the optimal financing solution as well as the best possible terms in terms of interest, term, own funds and collateral.

Inancingent at a glance:

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  7. … the purpose of the loan may also be of importance in the credit decision of the bank.

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