Specifying Collateral Increases Opportunity for Loan!

When loan for the self-employed many banks see red!

As a matter of fact, many banks initially refrain from lending to the self-employed . The effort required to evaluate creditworthiness for the self-employed is often considered too high. This applies in particular if the requested loan volume is relatively low (up to 100,000 euros). In addition to the higher outlay, the higher credit default risk for self-employed and freelancers in comparison to the employee loan also has an impact.

We recommend that self-employed persons deal in advance with the conditions for a loan before an application is submitted. This frees the self-employed much time and false hopes.

Collateral crucial for lending!


If the self-employed can provide additional collateral such as real estate, life insurance and savings deposits, the chances of a loan increase considerably.

Additional safety: Solvent guarantor reduces the risk of failure!

Additional safety: Solvent guarantor reduces the risk of failure!

If a financially strong guarantor strengthens the applicant’s back, this is always considered by the bank as positive. If the actual borrower fails, for example, through insolvency, the guarantor has to pay for the credit obligations of the borrower. The mention of a guarantor also results in the bank granting more favorable credit terms (eg lower interest rates).

Credit default insurance as collateral!

Credit default insurance as collateral!

If the self-employed person can not provide any collateral, it is often required to take out loan loss insurance. This will then come in if the loan for the self-employed can not be repaid.

Use as additional security!

The purpose is also important in the granting of credit. For example, when buying vehicles or real estate, they serve as collateral for the bank. If the loan commitments are not met, the bank could sell the finance item in an emergency.

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